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The RSM offers a step-by-step menu that allows a complete setting of the entire measurement process.

Once the MTS3000-Restan system is connected to the RSM software, it's able to detect the system's configuration, and to suggest the necessary steps for the test.

In particular, the RSM allows the:

  • Specification of the measurement details;
  • Selection of the material properties from a material database with more than 4000 engineering material;
  • Complete database of strain gage rosette for hole-drilling measurements;
  • Selection of the total depth of analysis, of the number of steps increments and their distribution;
  • Selection of the acquisition and drilling delays;
  • Configuration of the strain gage amplifier channels ;
  • Multiple choice of the advancing speed during the different measurement's stages;
  • Configuration of the microscope used for the measurement;

Measurement Setup

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