Bending test rig for validating the hole drilling method residual stress measurement

The hole-drilling strain gauge method for the measurement of uniform or non-uniform residual stresses

Integral method coefficients and regularization procedure for the ringcore residual stress measurement technique

Residual stress calculation using the incremental Hoel-drilling method with Eccentric holes: The Eval Software

Error and Uncertainty Analysis of the Residual Stresses

AIAS 2011: Measuring Residual Stresses by the hole-drilling method

ECRS-8: Experimental verification of the hole drilling plasticity effect correction

AIAS 2010 - 2: Validazione sperimentale delle nuove rosette a 6 griglie HBM

AIAS 2010 - 1: Metodo di prova "AIAS - TR" per la misura delle tensioni residue costanti o variabili

AIAS 2009: Experimental residual stress analysis by the hole-drilling method on plastic materials

AIAS 2008 - 2: Calcolo ottimizzato tensioni residue con foro eccentrico

AIAS 2008 - 1: Analisi incertezze con il metodo della rosetta forata