The MTS3000-Restan system can be customized with different accessories depending on the typical application.

Accessories can be provided along with the system or also after-market.


The main system accessories are the different drilling slides that can expand the capability of the measurement chain for standard or not-standard applications or different microscope versions.

The selection of the correct drilling slide is the first step to obtain good results in a hole-drilling measurement.

In particularl, six drilling slides are available for the MTS3000-Restan system.


The main drilling slide (1-SINT/SLIDE1) is based on high-speed air turbine rotating at 400'000 RPM: it can be used on different kinds of metals (standard or not-standard).


A special version of the air turbine drilling slide (1-SINT/SLIDE5) is available for measurements in special areas where other slides can not be used as, for example, the internal side of the pipes.


Another family of drilling slides are based on electric motor: 3 different slides are available depending on the rotational speed.


The slide for polymeric materials (1-SINT/SLIDE2) works at really low speed and ensures to avoid any external load and thermal influence during the measurement process.

The slide for composite materials (1-SINT/SLIDE3) is expressly designed to perform measurements on composite materials considering the typical abrasion factor of the material.


The range of drilling slides based on electric motor is completed by the slide for metals (1-SINT/SLIDE4): it is especially developed for field measurement on standard metals using high speed drilling technology (> 50'000 RPM). It also allows the possibility to use the bigger strain gage rosette (with deeper depth of analysis)

Finally, a new drilling slide (1-SINT/SLIDE6) is now available: it uses the orbital drilling technology based on air turbine device.

This solution is particularly helpful for the hardest materials or to realize measurements using the bigger strain gage rosette.

Two different versions of the system microscope can be provided.


The optical microscope (1-SINT/OPT) is the standard system microscope and it offers a good solution for both lab and field applications where having a reduced number of connections is preferred.


Another microscope available version is the digital one (1-SINT/ETH): in this device the optical eyepiece is replaced by an Ethernet CMOS sensor with 2 MegaPixel of resolution able to send the pictures directly to the RSM software. Through the Eyeshot Software it is possible to measure the diameter of the hole and its eccentricity with hig precision: this microscope is particularly suggested for laboratory measurements.

SINT Technology can provide special and custom solutions for the MTS3000-Restan depending on the customer's requirements.


These solutions can involve additional tools to increase the accuracy of the device in the depth by using an external LVDT sensor (1-SINT/LVDT) or the small electronic device (1-SINT/BOX) for the manual version of the system.


Other advanced solutions for positioning and fixing the MTS3000-Restan device are available in case of special measurements layout.