Spare Turbines

The product range of the MTS3000-Restan system includes a large variety of spare parts: in particular turbines, chucks and different types of endmills.

The air turbine (1-SINTT/1) is a replacement part for all the drilling slides working with high speed drilling technology (400'000 RPM @ 4 bars of pressure). Depending on the measurement's application, the air turbine needs to be replaced between 40 and 80 drilling holes.


The air turbine can be easily substituted by the user in any working conditions: to increase its life & performance a lubrication procedure is generally suggested.

Endmill for the air turbine versions

Depending on the hardness of the metallic material under test and the size of the strain gage rosette used (small or standard size), several endmills types are available.

Particularly three main groups of endmills can be provided:


  • Inverted cone carbide (drilling diameter approx. 1mm or 2mm) for standard metals - Our code. 1-SINTCT2/1 or 1-SINTCT1/1
  • Inverted cone carbide with coating (drilling diameter approx. 1mm or 2mm) for standard and non-standard metals - Our code. 1-SINTCTT2/1 or 1-SINTCTT1/1
  • Inverted cone diamond drill (drilling diameter approx. 2mm) for the hardest metallic surface - Our code. 1-SINTD2/1
  • Centering endmill for the calibration of the optical device - Our code. 1-SINTCTC/1

Endmills for the electric motor versions

Also for the electric motor versions, a large variety of endmills are available depending on the material under test.

  • For polymeric and composite materials, carbide inverted cone endmills with a diameter of approx. 1mm and 2mm are available - Our codes 1-SINTCT2-2 and 1-SINTCT1/2
  • For metallic materials, carbide inverted cone endmills with coating and a diameter of approx. 2mm and 4mm are available- Our codes 1-SINTCTT2/4 and 1-SINTCTT4-4.

Centering endmills for the calibration of the optical unit and special chucks are also available also for electric motor versions.

Special feet

Special feet with strong adhesion force or spare standard magnetic feet of the MTS3000-Restan system are available on request.