The EVAL 7 software, developed by SINT Technology, is a complete and customizable software for data analysing of the hole-drilling residual stress measurements.
The EVAL 7 software can be used with any previous version of the MTS3000-Restan system or in alternative by any operator that performs residual stress measurements by the hole-drilling.

Of course, the EVAL 7 software is fully compliant to the international standard ASTM E837-13a for residual stress measurements by the hole-drilling strain-gage method.
Moreover it offers several features for pre-processing the data, for the calculation of the residual stresses and finally for the post-processing and exporting of the results.
The EVAL software can be provided in 5 different versions (BASIC, PROFESSIONAL, PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE and ULTIMATE) depending on the features needed for specific applications.

Main Features

The EVAL software offers a wide range of different calculation options as:


  • ASTM E837 standard for uniform stress field;
  • ASTM E837 standard for non-uniform stress field;
  • Integral method;
  • Schwarz - Kockelmann method;
  • HDM method;


It also allows the corrections of the most typical sources of measurement errors as:


  • Eccentricity between the drilled hole and the centre of the strain gage rosette;
  • Local Plasticity generated around the drilled hole (for uniform stress field calculation);
  • Bottom-Hole Chamfer generated by the drilling process;
  • Intermediate Thickness of the specimens under test;


New advanced features include also:


  • A database with more than 4000 engineer materials;
  • Advanced tools for the interpolation of the acquired strain using polynomial or spline alghoritms based on a single or a double interpolation curve;
  • Extension of the calculation coefficents for any strain gage rosette for hole drilling measurement available on the market;
  • Advanced version of the ASTM E837 calculation including all the corrections and the Tikhonov regularization;
  • Evaluation of the measurement uncertainty for uniform and non-uniform stress field;
  • Customizable PDF report including logo, references and details of your company;

Details of the main features of the EVAL software

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EVAL 7 Overview

Download the brochure of the EVAL 7 software

Download the brochure with detailed information about calculation and correction algorithms of the EVAL 7