The RSM 7 software, developed by SINT Technology is a complete and customizable software for test setup and strain acquisition for the hole-drilling residual stress measurements.
The RSM 7 software can be used with the recent versions of the MTS3000-Restan system: in alternative, an option called h-RSM can be provided for the manual version of the MTS3000-Restan.

Of course, the RSM 7 software allows to perform measurements fully compliant to the international standard ASTM E837-13a for residual stress by the hole-drilling strain-gage method.

The RSM 7 software offers several different features depending on the measurement chain or on the material under test: it allows to configure the depth increments, the strain gage acquisition and the preparation of the test (centering by optical or digital microscope), to determine the zero-depth surface and finally to measure the drilled hole.

The RSM 7 software can be provided in 2 different versions (BASIC, PROFESSIONAL) + hRSM depending on the features that you really need for you typical applications.

Main Features

The main features of the RSM software are:


  • Automatic control of the whole process;
  • Full support for any testing configuration available with the MTS3000 - Restan device;
  • New Graphical layout with user-friendly wizard;
  • Bigger database of the material properties;
  • New continuous acquisition strategy of the strain signals;
  • Optional zero setting sequence by strain reading;
  • Implementation of digital microscope control, hole measurement by image analysis & automatic determination of the eccentricity components;
  • Dummy gage configuration for measurements on polymeric & composites materials;
  • LVDT sensor for fine hole-drilling measurements;
  • Thermocouple for thermal strain correction (mainly for field measurements);

Details of the main features of the RSM software

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Price: 0.00 €

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