The measurement chain

The measurement chain

Thanks to a long experience of more than 20 years in laboratory & field hole drilling measurements, SINT Technology has developed, produced and optimized an AUTOMATIC system for the determination of the residual stresses by the hole-drilling method.


The measurement chain of the MTS3000-Restan system is composed by:


  • a mechanical device with micrometric advancement controlled by a dedicated stepper motor including a suitable drilling device (based on air turbine or electric motor) for the material under test and a dedicated microscope for centering the device with the centre of the strain gage rosette
  • an electronic control unit for the control of the system, in particular the drilling speed, the activation of the drilling motor and the execution of zero-depth determination by electric contact (Zero-setting);
  • a control software (RSM) dedicated to the measurement setup, strain acquisition and drilled hole measurements;
  • an evaluation software (EVAL) for the calculation of the residual stress using different methods (ASTM E837, Integral. Kockelmann and HDM) starting from the acquired strains, including corrections and uncertainty evaluation.

Key features of the system

The MTS3000-Restan has a fully automatic process and drilling. It ensures a high repeatability and avoids any induced residual stress by an optimization of the drilling parameters.


The main features are:


  1. Suitable for laboratory and field measurements
  2. Available in different configurations
  3. Applicable on many materials such as metals, polymers and composites
  4. Automatic control of drilling depth by micrometric stepping motor 
  5. Automatic zero-depth detection
  6. Measurement of residual stress variation with the testing depth
  7. Choice of stress profile calculation methods
  8. Choice of residual stress calculation methods
  9. Selection of the suitable correction algorithms
  10. Fully compliant to the ASTM E837-13a standard
  11. Evaluation of the measurement uncertainty
  12. High measuring accuracy


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